Leveraging our strengths:

Zoe Lynn

for Brookline

Select Board

Forward Together.

Leadership that works.

Dear Brookline community,

My name is Zoe Lynn and I’m running for one of the two Select Board seats on the May 4 (town election) ballot.

The scope and scale of the challenges the town faces — from affordable housing and economic development, to climate change, racial equity, our structural (financial) deficit, and meaningful care and inclusion (planning for our seniors and people with disabilities, caring for our public servants… inclusion of all Brookliners) — require skilled, collaborative and strategic leadership on the Select Board.

The Select Board, which leads the executive branch of our local government, has the responsibility to facilitate and set policy and priorities — critical leadership actions to get us on a path to tackling these challenges. Too often this unique responsibility gets lost in the details — details that lack a strategic and inclusive direction.

My background is in delivering large-scale climate and sustainability initiatives within the public sector (sustainable, inclusive and fiscally responsible policy), and leading community-based planning and transformational change. My previous public-facing role for the Town of Brookline, my expertise in leading public strategy and teams, and my work on 'wicked problems' have prepared me for the work ahead.

As a Select Board member, I will apply my skills in leading stakeholders to address interconnected, complex challenges, and we'll set strategic, community direction, together. This form of leadership — focused on facilitating community brainstorming and input, followed by coordinated executive action — works on especially challenging issues, when there is diversity of stakeholders, and is effective within our Town Meeting form of government. We need to leverage Brookline’s extraordinary talent, energy and commitment to make meaningful progress on these issues.

I’m looking forward to engaging with you and learning about your concerns and priorities. I am deeply committed to tackling our big challenges — and know that together we can do so in a way that brings out the best of what we love about Brookline.

Zoe Lynn